A symbol of warmth, comfort and style, stoles and scarves are every woman’s companions. No matter you have a day out planned, a regular office day or even a semi-casual party to go to, your companions can be the best adornments for every occasion. They could be made of silk, chiffon, cotton or even hand-woven fabric, the results are superiorly striking in all cases.

Though it is a myth that stoles and scarves are only worth wearing in winters, they can be thought of as warming companions in winters, while stylising trends and comfort companions otherwise. They could be used to cover your neck, face and head in case of harsh sun, strong winds, storms, dust and so on. But in other cases, a perfect fashion statement can be generated by how you carry the stoles and scarves on you.

Spicing up a plain outfit with solid colour

The best way to bring fashion in minds of onlookers to is to spice up your solid colour outfit with a colourful silk scarf. Wound in different styles, this scarf or even stole can take your outfit from plain to just perfect.

Refreshing a regular look

Every day carrying the same handbag when you go out is bound to get boring. But shifting stuff back and forth between bags regularly is also not practical. Therefore, a beautiful scarf wound around your hand bag gives a new look every day. With this, every day you can carry a different style of handbag with different styles of scarves.

Warming Neck and Shoulders

A thick scarf or a stole can be your friend of warmth. Be it cold weather or even an air-conditioned office in summers, a sliver of warmth is definitely preferable. When this warmth comes bearing fashionable look in its wake, well you get the best of both every day.

Being Flirty yet Shy

Colours and the way you wear a scarf or stole speaks a thousand words. A colourful scarf highlighting your look and catching eyes can be flirty and feminine. While soft colours wound conservatively and delicately makes you look shy yet smart.

Formalizing your look

Every formal event calls for a formal attire. It’s a beauty trick to find the elegant scarf to give you a fashion boost but not highlight it to surpass formal look.

Shielding a Flaw or Plunge

When it comes to aging, there are several eye-catching areas that give you away. A beautiful scarf will not only hide it subtly but also beautify your look. Even if you feel self-conscious about a deep neck (plunging) dress or an off-shoulder attire, taking help from a companion scarf can gives you a fashionable cover.

There are several ways in which your every day can become a new highlight. You can flaunt and rock fashion in style with your beautiful collection of Stoles and Scarves. Ticara Town offers a variety of those from where you can choose the ones that scream YOU!

What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to shop for new look without buying new attire for every day. Happy Shopping!