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Day Flower Statement Necklace

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For All The Places You'll Go.

This strong, attractive, and stylish necklace is a combination of colourful crystals and stones with a little shimmer here and there.

Tips and Tricks :
Keep jewellery in soft-lined compartments and take care to close any fastenings so items don€™t catch or tangle.
Avoid using silica gel in your jewellery box as they absorb moisture and sulphur in the air that can cause jewellery to lose its shine.
Remove jewellery before doing any manual work €“ including housework €“ as it can be damaged by knocks and household cleaners.
Handle your gems and pearls as little as possible, to avoid natural oils from your skin dulling and damaging them.

Chain Type: Link Chain
Length: 4.2*3.9 cm
Lockstyle: Lobster Claw
Material: Glass
Metal: Zinc Alloy
Product Type: Statement Necklace
Style: Statement

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