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Jasmine Essential Oil

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Benefits and usage: Jasmines romantic scent has long been believed to have an aphrodisiac effect. Its been worn as a fragrance, and in parts of India, jasmine flowers are often included as décor at weddings in the newlyweds bedroom to set the mood for romance.
We know that jasmine oil has antiseptic properties that are beneficial in treating skin infections and found to fight various bacteria. It helps prevent infections when used as body lotion and hair oil.
The best way to enhance your mental and physical well-being is to use our jasmine Oil in aromatherapy. Just rub a few drops between your palms, mix it in your massage oil or use it in a diffuser. It has a delicious, exotic, floral aroma that uplifts, relaxes, soothes and enhances self-confidence.
It has been shown effective in improving mood and reducing depression.
It also eliminates snoring by clearing the congestion from nasal and respiratory tracts. With jasmine essential oil working in body system, It will keep person away from coughing and snoring endlessly through the night.
The rashes caused by sweat, skin reactions and other skin infections can be treated using jasmine essential oil.
Safety measures: Use with a carrier oil when applying topically.