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Lucky Links Wooden Earrings

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Description: These earrings are bold and sassy. These extremely light weighted wooden beads hand weaved in an array of shapes cascade down these chandelier style earrings. These Monotone statement earrings have been remade with brand new ear wires. These dazzling earrings are made to embody grace and elegance every second. Wear them as a classic piece and look gorgeous

Material: Rattan
Weight: 11g
Color: Brown, Ivory White

Tips and Tricks : 

  • Keep jewelry in soft-lined compartments and take care to close any fastenings so items don't catch or tangle.
  • Avoid using silica gel in your jewelry box as they absorb moisture and sulphur in the air which can cause jewelry to lose its shine.
  • Remove jewelry before doing any manual work including housework as it can be damaged by knocks and household cleaners. 

Follow your jeweler's advice: if you are not sure how fragile a piece is, always err on the side of caution and use simple, non-abrasive materials like soap and water, with a soft toothbrush.