How to Find Out Ring Size Without Her Knowing

How to Find Out Ring Size Without Her Knowing
The beauty of a marriage proposal is best when it comes as a welcome surprise. Getting the right ring size makes a wedding proposal not only perfect but also challenging. Asking your partner directly for her ring size will definitely ruin a bit of the surprise element. Here are a few tips to get the right size.


This can be her best friend, her sister, or her mom. They can give you an idea of what her ring size is or help you to measure her ring size without her suspecting a thing.If you are using this method, you should only ask trustworthy people who may actually know. It is more likely that the news of your gift will reach her prematurely if you ask too many friends or those who are not good at keeping secrets.


Borrowing from her collection and taking the item to the jeweller may be helpful only if she doesn’t notice that one of her rings has been taken. However, if you have limited access to her jewellery, especially if she takes off her ring only once in a while, then take a quick moment to measure her ring when she removes it and won’t see you doing it. Trace around the inside of a ring on a piece of paper, or buy a bar of soap and press the ring in to make a mould. The paper or the soap can then be taken to the jeweller for the perfect ring size. Make sure to keep the ring clean after your little sleuthing escapade, of course.


This method is fairly accurate, just enough to produce great results especially if you are desperate and no other option seems to work. Compare her fingers with yours while holding her hands. For example, you can compare your pinky finger with her ring finger to give you a rough estimate of her ring size.


Sometimes, you just need to be creative to get the job done. You can measure her fingers with string, paper, or thread while she is sleeping. If she notices, you can simply say you are caressing her fingers. 


You may also play games with her that may end up with a clue to her actual ring size. All you need is to write a different random personal question on each index card. Make one of the questions about ring size. Both players write down their guesses about the other player as each card is being played. Points are given for each correct answer. In the end, you will have your ring size and a fun-filled evening, learning different things about each other.


If she is not the type who wears a ring, then you will need extra effort to find out your girlfriend’s ring size. One way around this is to casually take her to a jewellery or accessory store and politely ask her to try on some rings for fun as you intend to buy a gift for your sister or your mom. Take note of the size that fits her perfectly, or you can buy the ring secretly. Make sure too that you do end up buying something cool for your mother or your sister so that your girlfriend doesn’t get suspicious. Now, we have figured out all your queries related to rings. Feel free to ask us any question related to your ring. We will be obliged to do so... Enjoy Shopping!!

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