The Beauty of Handweave in Contemporary India

The Beauty of Handweave in Contemporary India

The beauty, the art, and the skill that lies in the craft of hand-weaving are incomparable. Hand-weaving is one such craft that people have been doing for thousands of years. It is a traditional craft that gained popularity long back. However, after introducing the modern techniques of developing clothes and textiles, hand-weaving art was limited to only a few things. But as they say, it takes time for one to appreciate the beauty, so once again, this craft is in trend, and people have been quite appreciative of the different types of handwoven fabrics and textiles.

It's the use of handmade yarns and handmade fabrics which enhance the beauty of hand-weaving products. The craftsmen weave these fabrics with bare hands and minimal tools. Their patience and hard work reflect on the handwoven fabrics. The craftsmen use hand-painted yarns, which are being dyed with proper care so that every colour can come out beautifully. All this not only makes the handwoven fabrics and products look extraordinary, but it also enhances their beautiful look.

History of Hand Weaving

The existence of hand-weaving is around 12000 years old when there were no such tools or machines to produce textiles. Back then, people used the hand-weaving craft for creating shelters, fences, and baskets, using twigs and branches. It is believed that around 20 to 25 hundreds year back, the early man started this craft. They used plant materials by twisting them to form threads. Later on, other civilizations of the world also started the same experiment. It leads to the creation of the first handwoven textile. People used different wooden tools to deliver the textiles and products using hand-weaving craft like frames, shuttles and looms. So far, weaving is one of the oldest crafts that has survived to date and is very much in demand these days.

Hand Woven Fabric & Textiles

The world was losing the art of forming the best-handcrafted textiles and fabrics. But still, in many places, like India, handwoven fabrics & textiles are being praised a lot. Here, you will still find hand-weave fashion growing naturally even when there are other easy options available. We all know that creating a woven fabric requires both time and patience. Weaving different threads to form various fabrics using a handloom is for sure not an easy task. There are different types of hand-weaving done to develop these fabrics and textiles. Like, plain weaving, basket weaving, sating weaving, and twill weaving. Earlier, there was not much variety in the handwoven fabrics. But with time, the demand increased, and today you will find handwoven chikan fabric, handwoven satin, handwoven silk, handwoven chiffon, handwoven khadi, and many others. Out of all the materials, silk and cotton are the most handwoven fabrics found in India.

Back, when mills and machinery were not available, hand weaving was the only option for creating fabrics. And the result was par excellence, as the handwoven fabric is exceptionally durable for a long time. You will find different pattern fabrics which are being created using the handspun and hand-dyed yarn. To create even a small piece of fabric usually takes around 8 to 10 days as hand-weaving requires extreme precision. Only expert artisans can deliver a handwoven fabric with unique designs and patterns. In many countries, including India, handwoven fabrics and products are being presented as a part of the traditional craft. Talking about its demand, so it’s not only popular among the people of India. But, many countries also import handwoven fabrics and handwoven products from India.

Why handwoven Textiles and Fabrics are so popular?

At present, you will find varied handwoven products available in the market. People have been using handwoven craft to create handwoven fabrics, handwoven saree, handwoven suits, handwoven baskets, handwoven bedsheets, handwoven rugs, and many other such things. The reason why they have gained popularity is because of the incomparable beauty of these handwoven products. The creativity and the designs that these craftsmen add to any of these handwoven fabrics and products using the hand-weaving tools make them unique among all the other machine products which we people use these days.

Not only the beauty, but another reason for acquiring the art of handwoven products is that they feel pretty comfortable in comparison to the machine products. The softness, the touch of the fabric, or the material can handle all this in these handwoven fabrics. Unlike the machine or mills developed fabric, the handwoven cloth stays longer. The reason is that from the fabric to the final product, everything is being created using the hand-weaving craft only. Depending on the yarn used in the warp and weft, the method of hand weaving, and how thick the yarn is, these craftsmen create a more durable handwoven fabric. One may feel that they are being made using handwoven craft, so they might not be that strong. But if you compare the strength of handwoven fabric and machine weaved material, you will find that handwoven is stronger. Due to all these reasons, handwoven fabrics are still popular even if they are expensive. But for special occasions, people prefer silk handwoven sarees and suits only.

Why should we choose Hand-Woven Fabrics at present?

Years ago, when people didn’t have any choice, then handwoven fabric had great importance. Though, people who understand the labour and hard work behind the creation of the handwoven fabric still appreciate its significance. But one of the significant reasons which people are still considering handwoven products for because of its sustainability. We all know that the products that are being manufactured using the machines have a significant impact on the environment. But choosing handwoven products drive us towards sustainable living. People are not only promoting the thousand years old art of weaving. But they are also promoting an environmental-friendly product by choosing them. It is helping in reducing the carbon emission in the world. If you will take proper care of the handwoven fabric, you can use it for many years. We already told you above that handwoven fabric are durable. One can find these handwoven products online with ease and that too in different varieties.

Handwoven Chikan and Silk Fabric

If you want to experience the handwoven fabrics in the best form, there is no better way than to buy the finest silk and Chikan fabrics. From the pure handwoven silk sarees to the handwoven tussar silk sarees, you will find many varieties. In the same manner, you will find different patterns of chikankari suits also. They do chikankari embroidery on handwoven gingham fabric, georgette fabric, and many others. For designing these handwoven chikan suits and sarees, one needs a lot of expertise. From the fabric to the chikan embroidery done on that fabric, everything is handwoven. The handwoven silk work is quite famous in different parts of India. But the handwoven chikan work is the craft of the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. But do not worry if you cannot buy them offline as you can look for these silk and chikan handwoven sarees online.

Final Words

If you also want to experience this year's old crafts, try the handwoven fabrics and textiles. It adds the next level of grace and beauty to the fashion sense. And that is not easy to experience with machine-made clothing. By adding the handwoven sarees and suits to your wardrobe, you are not only adding the traditionally crafted and designed clothing to your fashion list. But you are also letting this traditional craft of handwoven stay alive.

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