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Handmade Golden Glitter Flower Earrings

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Almost Designer!!

This earring is a balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity. Its sensual curves highlight the organic nature of these earrings. It is defined by minimalist geometry and sharp, clean lines. A synergy of urban modernism and pure design gives Chopard's classic Ice Cube shape a powerful sense of self.

It is a complete handmade product, so there is little room for error.
The coral stone is Aventurine and 8mm in size.
The gold copper flower gives a 3D effect.
A masterpiece of creativity and craftsmanship, this work of art makes a wonderful gift for women of any age.

Chain Type:

Length: 7.9 cm
Lockstyle: Hook
Material: 100% Natural Coral Stone
Metal: Copper Alloy
Product Type: Drop Earrings
Style: Statement