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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is derived from the steam distillated flowers of the cananga odorata botanical. Ylang Ylang also known as "poor man's Jasmine" and  "van champak tel" in hindi is staple essential oil that all essential oil users should have in their collection. This oil offers a floral, sweet, herbaceous, and slightly spicy aroma. It is a highly fragrant oil. Ylang Ylang is a multifaceted essential oil with a great variety of uses.

Benefits and usage:

  • It has calming and relaxing effect, balance the skin.
  •  Its diverse nature made this oil one of its kind oil. It helps in preserving the youthful glow and helps in preventing signs of ageing and irritation.
  •  Known for its calming and relaxing and aphrodisiac effect, this oil's natural fragrance helps in calming the body and stimulating the senses. It effectively facilitates the healing of wounds, enhances the health of the nervous system.
  •  It is also very beneficial in hair care. It can be used to massage the scalp and nourishes it and helps in preventing the tangles. It strengthens your hairs from the and make roots them thick and stronger.
  •  It has many uses, such as helping to reduce anxiety, induce romance, balance skin and giving volume and shine to hair when diluted in hair oils or creams.
  •  Tip: refresh your skin with an aromatherapy steam facial using Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Safety measures:
Not to be used on damaged skin. Apply with a carrier oil for topical application. Safe to use topically with children 2 years of age and older.

Key Features

  • Quantity:  15 ml
  • Ideal for:  Men/women
  • Skin type: All skin type