The 8 Handbags Every Career Girl Should Have In Her Closet

The 8 Handbags Every Career Girl Should Have In Her Closet

From the little black dress to a khaki trench coat, there are well-known sets of wardrobe staples that every woman needs. But have you given the same attention to your accessories? Those finishing touches for your everyday ensembles are just as, if not more so, important.

“One bag & that’s it. I don’t need any more bags.” Have you ever heard a woman say this? Just like you need shoes for different occasions, you need a variety of purses for any situation. Sometimes you need a lightweight handbag, and other times you need one big enough to fit the whole kitchen sink.

While you might prefer a certain style, shape, or size, having a range of purses at the ready ensures you’ll be set to complement any outfit, for any occasion. Plus, you’ll extend the life of your bags by cycling through different options; while one purse might be your favorite, having other bags to take its place for different situations ensures it won’t be subject to as much wear and tear.

1. The Classic Black Handbag

It’s always good to have a black bag because they blend in with almost anything. They are classy and can go well with any of your clothes. When you aren’t sure which bag to pick for an occasion, choose to wear a black handbag.

2. The Cross Body Handbag

Crossbody purses come in handy when you’re out on the town or exploring the city with your girls. They’re lightweight and hands-free, so you can take all the photos you please without having to say “hold my purse.” Crossbody bag is very easy to wear and can be used for any informal event. When you step out for shopping or meeting your friends, and you don’t have much to carry, a crossbody bag is the best thing to wear.

3. The Bucket Handbag

A bucket bag is the perfect pick when you’re planning to spend a long day outside. It’s a stylish alternative for a bagpack. This small bag, which can hold a lot of things, is also very comfortable to carry.

The bucket bag trend is alive and thriving, and for good reason. Bucket bags will carry all your essentials with the toss-it-in ease of a tote but in a more tidy, chic package.

4. The Envelope Handbag

You can pick your handy envelope bag when you’re attending a formal event, like wedding, for instance. Whether you’re wearing a dress, an ethnic wear or a formal skirt, an envelope bag will complement what you wear.


5. The Backpack for Grown Ups

The backpack has emerged as a practical handbag alternative for the busy woman on the go. Sling it over one shoulder or both, or use the grab handle to keep it within easy reach.

This type of bag is a must have. No questions asked. Backpacks are just perfect for your outings, styling up a boring outfit, short trips etc. It’s beyond perfection & hence is a wardrobe essential.

Ditch the regular backpack and reach for a faux leather one—you’ll look more professional, put together, and carrying your things will be a breeze.

6. The Tote Handbag

This type of girl bag is probably owned by most of the ladies out there. This type of girl tote bag is a must have for every woman. It is perfect to keep all the stuff a woman needs. Trust me a woman carries A LOT of stuff in her bag. Even though they are quite large in size, they are comfortable to carry. You can hold everything you need — clothes, accessories, cosmetic items and so on — in a tote bag.

7. The Saddle Handbag

Depending on your job, it’s a good idea to have a purse specifically to take to work. You’ll want a structured bag that’s big enough to hold your laptop, portfolio, notes, or whatever else you may need.

Saddlebags are meant to carry only a few important things. They are comfortable to wear because they are small and light. If you want a little bag in which you can neatly arrange your few belongings, then saddlebag is the best choice.

8. The Going-Out Purse

And finally, every woman should own a handbag they can take to parties or to the bar. You want a bag that’s cute yet durable, so even if it gets spilled on, you’re in the clear. Pick a simple, no-fuss style like a crossbody in a darker color like black or maroon.

Author's Note: A clutch bag can make a statement or discreetly blend in with your outfit.

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