15 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know

15 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know

How do you choose and style jewellery to compliment yourself and your clothing? And how do you make the best use of your jewellery collection without being boring? The answers aren't always obvious. Never fear: we've come up with 15 invaluable jewellery style tips to help you to be your fashionable best.

Ring a bell??? Sounds familiar...

You've got an overflowing jewellery collection that is filled with pieces you love. However, you would not like to share it with anyone despite your mother scolding. But you’re really not making the most of it and you're not sure where to start.

Or maybe you’re just not confident about which pieces to shop for. Similarly, which to work with each other and for you.

We've all been there.

The good news is that we've assembled a handful of jewellery style and fashion tips and tricks to help you wear fine, fashion, and costume jewellery that complements your sense of style, personality, and wardrobe.

Let's begin with ...

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1. Create layers with rings, necklaces, and bangles

Why not start with something fun?

Experiment with different lengths, shapes, textures, and colours to make appealing layers with rings, necklaces, bangles, and even in some cases earrings.

If you're layering necklaces then go for different lengths to draw the eye up to your face. Different shapes, colours, and textures usually work wonders. For bangles and bracelets, you can pretty much create an arm party of different pieces, as a result, it will flash and jangle as you move. In addition, Rings can be mixed, matched, and stacked in all sorts of interesting combinations.

You can even experiment with wearing multiple earrings styles if you have more than one ear piercings or want to combine ear cuffs with other earrings.

It's simple: firstly, gather together a collection of necklaces and pendants of different lengths, textures, and designs and try them on in different combinations to see what works. Make a note of the combinations you like if that helps to trigger your memory later.

Rinse and repeat with bangles and rings.

2. Know when to stop

jewellery style tips

You must know what I am talking about: sometimes too much is, well, too much.

Do everything but don’t overdo anything. Firstly, if you’re drawing attention to your face and neckline with layered necklaces or a statement jewellery piece, perhaps you don’t need an armful of bangles to compete for attention. 

Or if you're wearing a bold pair of earrings, choose a subtle necklace or no necklace at all. (On the other hand, a bold pair of earrings with a matching necklace can sometimes work wonders). Give it a try 

If you’re unable to resist and accessorized with multiple pieces then consider taking a leaf out of Vogue’s book: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory".

Or not, as the case may be.

3. Carefully consider your earrings

Don't you find it can be all too easy to forget about your earrings?

However, your earrings are usually in the field of vision for anyone who is talking to you, so they are important. You should aim to choose earrings to frame your face and complement your hair, eye colour, and skin tone.

If you have long hair, a great tip is to select a colour or metal finish which is more likely to be visible, depending on your hair colour.

4. Don't forget to actually change your earrings

I'm guilty of this myself: it can be so easy to wear the same pair of earrings for days or weeks on end. Or maybe you almost never change them.

But remembering to change up your earrings is a great way to add interest and style to your look day-to-day. I know this is the habit that is really difficult to get rid of. In other words, you can make changes subtly by wearing a variety of small stud earrings day-to-day.  Or you can add some sparkle and movement with some dangle earrings, depending on your outfit.

Dig in your jewellery collection to find what you haven’t worn in a while. You can also purchase new pairs of earrings that catch your attention and will add some variety and interest to your jewellery collection. It’s never late to revive your style.

5. Experiment with the different colour of mixing metals

jewellery necklace style tips

Once it was seen as a fashion sin to mix different colours of metal, which is something I never really understood as I love them all. 

But luckily that’s no longer the case, even according to the fashion police: there’s no need to stick to all traditional jewellery or all gold jewellery.

So think about pendants which contrast with the colour of chain they are attached to, rings that combine different metal colours or layered necklaces or bangles in different metals to add vibrant interest and colour to your outfit.

This has been one of my ideas to do when designing jewellery, so you'll find a number of pieces in our online jewellery shop which have mixed metal colours.

6. Work out how to accessorize to complement your clothing while dressing

Is this sound straight enough to you, doesn't it? But I know that it is not the case, I have been to that place as well. Trust me.

Before you start dressing have a think about what you most want to wear wherever you're going. Oh! you have no idea for how many years I have been doing this wrong only to realize this later, that the only way to look perfectly charming is “Prepare”. Better be safe than sorry.

You might decide if you really want to wear a specific piece of jewellery to an outing. Therefore, you should choose your clothing and other accessories to work with it. Otherwise, you might pick the outfit first and then match the jewellery and accessories to it.

Either way works and if you’ve spent some time getting the combination right you would look stylish and well put together.

7. What’s the focus: jewellery or clothing?

Here's another decision to make while getting dressed: what do you want the focus of your outfit to be?

A simple - even dull - the outfit will almost look transformed into something special with the right jewellery and accessories. You can choose jewellery that really makes a statement to bring a simple outfit to life. But if you’re wearing bold clothing, then often it’s a good idea to go with smaller, more subtle jewellery pieces as highlights.

My advice? Make a decision as to what will work for you and run with it. 

8. What’s the focal point for your jewellery?

jewellery collection style tips

Where do you want people's gaze to be directed if you're dressing up for something special?

If you’re wearing jewellery that’s intended to catch the eye, then it’s usually best to make the visual focus on 8 you want to draw attention to: neck, ears, hands, etc..

For instance, if you’re wearing a bold necklace, then go for more subtle rings and earrings. Or you might even consider leaving them out altogether.

9. How to easily extend your wardrobe? Just experiment

This can be a fun thing to do if you've got some spare time on your hands.

Simply put on a very basic outfit and try it out in front of a mirror with various pieces of jewellery from your collection. After that, try different combinations of jewellery designs you might not normally consider pairing up and add in different accessories like scarves, bags or watches. Keep trialling different combinations and focus points.

You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with to vary the look of even the simplest outfit. And once you're done with one outfit, throw on another one and start again.

If you don’t have a lot of jewellery or your collection isn't very diverse, then consider the types of jewellery pieces that will extend and add interest and depth to your wardrobe and go shopping.

Isn't it great to have an excuse to treat yourself to some sparkly things? You're welcome.

10. Don’t be a slave to fashion

We've all known someone who is far too much of a fashion slave.

Trends influence what all of us wear to some extent, which is fine. But it's never a good idea to slavishly follow fashion at the expense of your own taste and personality. You'll end up losing yourself. Oh - and it's very expensive.

Instead, try to figure out and evolve your own style which suits you and makes you feel confident. That might turn out to be unfashionable right now or at some point in future, but if you own it then you'll be fine.

When choosing jewellery to wear, always think about what works with your colouring, frame and a general sense of style. Take all of these things into account when you accessorise.

And don’t forget your personality: we’re all different and your personality should be allowed to shine through in terms of the jewellery you choose and how you present yourself in general.

11. Wear rings with panache

ticara town rings style tips

Try pairing up a set of matching rings or go for a mixture of colours, textures and gemstones.

If you’re wearing multiple rings then the consensus seems to be to wear no more than one cocktail ring on each hand. Wearing an odd number of rings on one hand and even on the other works well too.

But why not break the rules as you see fit?

12. Match your necklace to your neckline

Unless it’s a sentimental piece that you’re happy to be hidden under clothing, your necklace or pendant should be visible and it should enhance your outfit.

For example, if you have low V-necked outfit then a pendant sitting in the V above your cleavage will work wonders. A long necklace will look great over higher necked and crew-necked clothing. A rounded necklace is good with a scoop or other rounded necklines.

13. Do you actually need to wear a necklace?

Sometimes it's a good idea to go without a necklace or pendant (gasp!).

If you’re wearing a bold pair of earrings then not having a necklace to detract from your look can be a good way to go, depending on your outfit. Also, if you're wearing a very low cut or high-necked outfit not wearing a necklace will often work really well. 

14. How do your sentimental jewellery pieces fit in?

ticara town earrings style tips

Do you have sentimental jewellery pieces that you wear all the time?

I'm sure many of us do. But how do they fit into a well-accessorized wardrobe?

Just because something is sentimental doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear it every day (wedding and engagement rings aside, generally). Consider how you'd feel about not wearing a particular piece every day and if that's an option for you.

If you do opt to wear one or more sentimental jewellery pieces all or most of the time, then consider how you can layer those pieces with other jewellery to add interest and variety to your style.

If it's a necklace you might look into getting a longer chain or an adjustable chain so that it can hang beneath clothing if it's not a match for the rest of your outfit.

15. The most important rule: ignore the rules!

This is my most favourite rule of all: break the rules as you see fit.

Dressing up should be fun and it should be personal to you. Above all, your style is about who you are and how you want to appear to others. If what works for you is doing whatever you want and following none of the typical fashion tips, then my advice is: go for it.

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